For Parents of Teens Affected by Addiction or Alcoholism

How can you help your teenager?

Alcoholism and addiction is a family disease that has wide ranging affects on teenagers and other family members. It's painful to watch your teenage child struggle with something that is completely out of your hands. 

The Alateen meetings in Rhode Island are a place where teenagers can go to learn how to be resilient, talk about their feelings in a safe, healthy space and make friends who understand.  All meetings are supervised by background-checked, adult sponsors.  The role of the adult sponsor is simply to supervise and to share their own experiences, we do not offer specific advice as we believe that the group wisdom that comes from the kids themselves is powerful in and of itself.  

Even if your teenager isn't ready to go to a meeting, you should consider attending a local Al-Anon meeting yourself.  The family situation is bound to improve if even one person chooses to seek serenity and happiness for themselves.  The tools that are learned in an Al-Anon meeting can set a powerful example for those around you, including your children.  Please feel free to email if we can answer any questions or be of assistance.

For Student ASSISTANCE COUNSELORS & Professionals

Alateen meetings in schools are the result of a collaboration between Alateen RI and the dedicated professionals who work there.  Please contact us if you would like to have a meeting in your school.  We have trained, BCI'd meeting sponsors ready to host a group.

Also feel free to email Megan B., the RI Alateen Coordinator at if we can answer any questions about the program or help a teenager find a meeting.